Happy new year!

We would like to thank everyone who made 2014 an amazing year!

The weekly rides were awesome as well as the year end cottage party. Yes, the fire will be bigger next year.

There were so many great events from XC to Enduro races; and a huge thanks goes to those who made them happen. Without the dedicated work of volunteers and organizers these events would not happen.

The local organizations and associations need to be thanked as well. These associations allow for insurance, promotion and regulation of events as well as the overall community we choose to be a part of.

Trail builders are key to our sport and whether they be legit companies like Trailflow or the local trail elf, we have to thank all those committed to building and maintaining trails so we can ride.

Sponsors for events are key. Many don’t realize the key role that local bike shops play in maintaining our community from employment opportunities, helping us keep our bikes working, and providing prizes for events. The most important is that they are part of our community and deserve our support whenever possible.

Bike companies also play a major role in helping our local shops get the cool parts we need and want in a timely basis. Shout out to all the companies and reps including the reps for being so darn cool.

We also thank all of you for a great year and will see you on the trails in 2015!