Have you found any cool bike related stuff at thrift shops?

Im just curious. Have you found anything cool bike or bike related stuff at thrift shops? Im always on the lookout but dont usually find anything.

Today though I found a sweet pair of old Kona shorts and I’m super stoked about them.


I have a couple pairs of those shorts from back in the day, they are good. I found a sugoi jersey at a thrift shop, it is one of my favorites.

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yes! modern bike shorts, mtb gloves, decent quality rain jacket, even a light Arcteryx jacket once.


Those shorts are classic!

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Im so stoked on them. Literally in perfect condition too. Made my day.

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This print on wood. Was 10 bucks and have seen them on eBay for 100 USD a time or 2 so was pretty stoked. It’s currently in the corner wall by Mike bike rack. Which hangs in the living room.


I found an unused pair of shoes (in my size) for five bucks. Even if they weren’t in my size I would have bought them just for the cleats which were 30 bucks at the time. One of the cleats was installed upside down.

Also scored one of the new camelbak bottles for five bucks. Unused. Insulated version to boot.


Another good find.


Found a pair of Shimano shoes at the Gold River Goldmine 20 some years ago. That was my gateway to going clipless and ditched the death trap toe clips.

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