Heated Gloves

I have bit the bullet. I am tired of commuting in cold weather and having frozen fingers. I can’t stand it. I have never found a glove or mitten that can keep my fingers warm. Heck right now they are still tingly from my 2 rides today.

So I ordered some heated gloves. They are from a company in Calgary and should be arriving in a couple of days.

They aren’t cheap but here is hoping that this solves my winter woes.

I hear ya about the cold hands, when I was commuting year round I had the same problems. I had best luck with a pair of fancy material glove liners under a pair of ‘lobster’ snowmobile gloves. They were a bit bulky for having a good feel on the levers but in almost all temps my hands were pretty good.

You should post up with an update when you get to try them.

I hear a product review in the works for sure! This winter has been extraordinarily chilly by times for our region.

I used to be able to get by with lobsters and then I had to switch to huge mittens. the mittens aren’t too bad but my thumbs still get frozen (my commuter is a single thumb shifter, so easy to operate). Heck, now my fingers get cold when I think about riding under -5C.

The company that makes these is an electric bike company in Calgary. They are actually glove liners, so you put them in whatever gloves are appropriate for the task at hand. Also they are supposed to be washable, which is rather nice, and capable of getting up to 50C is just a few seconds.

Anyway, they are ordered and in the mail already. I wish I had them today! They aren’t cheap but if they work it will be worth it.

By the way, if you have an electric bike, you can save a lot of the cost by not ordering the battery pack and just hooking them directly to the bike!

Are these the ones?
powerinmotion.ca/Products/He … anada.aspx

Thinking back to commuting at 6am in the middle of February, I probably would have shelled out $200 for these too.

Those are the ones. They are on Generation 4 of the design, so that is good. I have been in contact with the company owners, as they don’t have a distributor around these parts. Mine are coming in from Toronto. $200 shipped with the 1 battery option.

The 1 battery option means you have to run wires up your sleeves. The 2 battery option means the batteries connect to each glove, so wireless. But they actually suggest the wired option for cycling as the added weight on your wrists isn’t comfy after awhile.

I was thinking about these for CyclingGirl:


They are available from the Costco website (but I didn’t find them in the Costco in Halifax), and they are available from the “As seen on TV website”. The batteries are in the wrists, but they’re Lithium-ions, so not as heavy as a dry cell or alkaline battery.

Mine with be 12 volt lithium-ion batteries as well and go to 50C. If I get a second battery they can easily go wireless, but they don;t suggest it. Having the battery right on your writs adds weight and in uncomfortable they say.

I am lucky I guess
For me the weather is not cold enough in Nova Scotia for my hands to get cold.
I have to be carful that they don’t sweat to much when it’s real cold.
In the winter I wear cheap work gloves from Princess Auto to bike with my hands still sweat.
If you are ever riding with me and your hands are cold give me your frozen gloves and in less than 30 sec of me wearing them they will be warm.

It’s true, Jim is the glove warmer extraordinaire!

We’ll get you on the bridge at -20 with some wind, Jim.

Wasn’t there a review done about a pair of heated hand grips a while back? Surely those would be a cheaper option… maybe??


The new search feature works really well.

They might be a cheaper option, but they are also a limited option. And for commuting, having the ability to take your heat with you when you hands aren’t on the grips is very nice. These will also work for skiing, snowshoeing, shoveling, hiking etc…