Heavy Equipment at the Whopper


We were there this morning at 9:30 am and parked in the usual spot behind Value Village. There is a big front end loader (I don’t know my heavy equipment) parked there and it has been up the trail. It is impossible to roll in as the trail is completely gone. We walked up the first hill and got back on but there were a couple of pine trees down and a big boulder moved and strategically placed to block the trail. Once it reached the crest of the hill it went straight and we followed the trail more to the right. We saw no signs of anything after that but it is obvious that this is the beginning of the end of the Whopper as we know and love it.

Ride it while you can

RIP Whopper Dropper. RIP

That’s sad to hear, I was hoping for more of a reprieve considering the economy and the existence of the other ‘mega parks’.

It will truly be missed as arguably the best trail we had… :expressionless:

Nova Scotia is awesome.

I’m still holding our for Lake loop, death march and flipside (close to home for me). Maybe the bridges that were just put in could be salvaged and hauled to the trails that will remain.

Still accessible for now though!

Rode there on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really love the granite sections and hate to see them go when they do. I chained myself to the front end loader in protest for about an hour. Let me tell you…no one came near that front end loader for the whole hour. Get out there while you still can…likely my favourite metro trail!

I was out there tonight. Looks like they just took the excavator for a perimeter tour.

Whopper was always great for riding when all the other trails were too soggy to ride. I wonder if there are any other swaths of granite in the Suzy lake area that could substitute.

I sure hope someone can cart the new bridges up to a safe area like the lake loop before the machinery gets to mash them up.