Hefty price for a hefty ride

Yeah, that price is a bit steep for sure. You can get a bike that would work just as well if not better for a heavier rider for less.

I’m no stranger to forking over what some might perceive as a ridiculous amount of moolah for a bike, but I just clicked on a Kijiji ad that blew me away.

$2000 is not what I consider to be a lot of money for a high quality bicycle, but I’m shocked to see what it gets you at Super Sized Cycles. A chromoly frame, a rigid fork, Sun Rhino rims, a Shimano 8-speed internal hub. Not exactly a dream machine by any means.

The fact that the company makes bikes specifically for riders between 200 and 550 pounds is supposed to justify the price, I think. That said, these bikes aren’t freeride huckin’ machines or even skinny tire speedsters - they’re rolling down the street or crusher duster path at a comfortable pace rides. How are they any different from an entry level mountain bike? Is there really $1500 worth of extra steel in that frame?

I’m baffled!

when I weight about 240 I bought a haro escape 8.2… it was a bit beefy like a norco bigfoot and came with double walled rims

Kona makes a Clyde bike called the Hoss which is pretty simular to what I had

maybe if your well over 300… but in that case i’m sure you are going to be spending allot of time on gravel paths initially

marketing gimic praying on peoples fears if you ask me