Helmet suggestions?

Looking a possibly getting a new lid as my primary one has some wear and tear as this is the 3rd season I am riding with it and my other has sustained a crash, and they say after an impact crash helmets should be replaced.

Wondering what others are wearing and what their opinions are. I have been looking at some lesser know brands that aren’t always found here as my head is massive and doesn’t fit some of the big brand names well.

I am wearing a Catlike Leaf right now, and had a Lazer previous to that…

I work at a shop, yes, but am not trying to sell you anything, just providing my two cents.

I’ve used Giro in the past and find the fit very good. Currently I am using a Specialized Tactic II with MIPS technology. I find the Specialized helmet has the best fit for me, overall. I did have the opportunity to get a less expensive helmet this year and paid extra for the Specialized.

The MIPS technology is fairly new for bike use. However, the research does indicate that it helps decrease torsion in the case of direct impact. The helmet is more expensive due to the technology, and the helmet is still one hit only. I hope never to test the theory personally.

Got a Troy Lee A1 this year- great fitting helmet with nice plush padding and super light BUT… I do find it a little warm and sweat seems to collect above the padding over the forehead and when I take the helmet off the sweat drips out… actually, more like pours out LOL… yeah gross.

Bought a MET Luna this year. It’s as adjustable as the next one but has a sweat channel at the forehead instead of foam or cloth and it works pretty well at moving it to the sides of your head. Claims to have really good ventilation but it’s not any better than the Giro it replaced. It has one large vent that may cause issues if you wear a light or camera on your helmet.

I too need a new helmet and I have been lusting after one of these. Just waiting for the right sale price to get one

I think I scored mine for $130 or thereabouts with free shipping from CRC.

Crazy comfortable.


Chain Reaction Cycles I would guess.

Affirmative… just be sure to choose postal shipping if you go that route.

I got a sweet POC helmet at Marshalls of all places for $75. Giro don’t seem to fit my melon shape, but Bell helmets do. Who knew.

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You never know what you can find in the TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Winners family of stores. I found a pair of Craft Elite Attack bib shorts for 44 which is like 75% off MSRP in the Halifax Shopping Centre Winners. Wouldn’t float everyone’s boat but did mine.

I find that Bell helmets are better for oval shaped heads and Giros are better for rounder heads. I’m more of a Bell guy, too, but I can’t seem to find decent xc lids by them around here anymore, so I wear a Giro now. It’s especially strange since they’re the same company.

I tried on probably 10 helmets before finding one that fit my head perfectly, an Urge All-M at MEC.

Ordered one of these from Chain Reaction Cycles on Sunday. Just waiting for it to show up. It is in Montreal and waiting to clear customs. It was $136, free shipping but there may be a $20 customs charge. I would have paid about the same for another brand of helmet if I purchased locally but never would have got a Troy Lee Design helmet for this amount. I ALWAYS prefer to buy local but in this case I really wanted this particular helmet

It might fit like shit but will look sweet and, after all, that is what is most important


LOL exact same one I have… except mine is a little scratched up from eating shit hard at Fight a couple of weeks ago.

We be pimpin’ big style

Helmet bros!


I’ve been wearing Giro helmets for the last few years. I wore an E2, and then for the last few years a Xen. After wearing my first Xen for a few years, I thought it was probably time to retire it for a new one, and bought another. Now I actually wear both. One has a headlight almost all the time, and the other is my daytime helmet. When I was looking for helmets, I found the Giros fit better than the Bells. I’d heard the same about Bells fitting one shape of head, and the Giros another.

The Xen helmets were expensive, and hesitated to buy them for sticker shock, but they are extremely comfortable, and very light. Considering, I wear one every ride, I figured it was worth it. One thing about the higher end helmets is that they come in specific sizes (I wear a Large), rather than “Universal Fit”, which helps them to fit better.

Giro doesn’t seem to make the Xen anymore. Their current equivalent is the Xar, sort of a cross between the old E2 (more of a cross-country lid), and the Xen (more of an All Mountain lid). http://www.giro.com/ca_en/products/men/helmets/dirt/xar.html

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I ordered my helmet on Sunday and it just arrived. Not bad. Coming from the UK. I had to pay $33.25 though so I am in for about $170. I’m happy enough with that.

It comes with a storage bag and a sheet of TLD stickers. It looks as good in person as it does in the photo…maybe even better. It is very light and fits my head much better than my Bell Super. I like the finger nut that keeps the visor locked in place too

Overall, I am impressed and looking forward to knocking my head off a few rocks and trees to test the protection factor…