Hi friends!

Havent been on any east coast bike forums since ecmtb, thought id pop in and say hi. Living in calgary now, getting back into biking after 3 years. Picked up a Reign X2 and pretty pumped to hit up COP this summer.

Ill add a picture of my 04 bigfoot im building up again. Most people might remember me if they see that bike again.

Welcome k.strong!

Sweet ride! I ride a Reign as well. Awesome bike.

What have you got in Calgary for trails? I’m sure the folkes here would love to get some intel.


my Bigfoot when I ride it back in NS had a sherman slider plus on it, as well as juicy 5s, the rest was the same.
I also had a Reign X2 back home but sold it my first winter in calgary.

theres not a whole lot in the city, mostly paved bike paths. Theres a few XC trails in some of the parks. Canadian Olymoic Park is about a 10 minute drive from my place. Its DH with lift access, they also have a small skills park and dirt jumps.

If you drive about an hour west of the city youre in the rockies. Things get fun there. The only hill ive ridden there is called Moose mountain. Its all intense DH trails which are super steep and technical. I have pictures of Moose ill have to put up later tonight.

In a few weeks ill be heading out for a XC ride in the mountains and ill let everyone know what thats like.

Dreaming of a sweet XC trail in the mountains with long bench cut track…

Good to see you back on a bike Kirk! How are you enjoying Calgary?

I hate the city. I miss the valley.

Just moved to the valley and once I’m settled a bit more I plan to ride as much as I can. I am jealous that you will be riding real mountains though. Would love to see some pics from your rides!

Calgary in the distance

looking off moose mtn

dont recall location(maybe canmore)

Gap starts far right and land where im sitting

Same gap as above

if i can find my harddrive ill post more