Highland Trail Bridge

Cool beans. I’ll let you know. Thanks.

Well, finally got my post driving tool fab’d so I though I’d go pound some posts… http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/5ec3bb4781c8e43a51d3a1a948b98fc0.gif

This section of the trail is usually always wet and swampy for about 30 ft, so time to bridge it!

Will post more pics as soon as I hump in the 2x8’s for the stringers. The rungs are already on site so should come together quickly.

Great work Ken! Pumped to get back there ASAP.

Got a lot done today… flying solo as my helper got called into work.

Getting the stringers hauled in…

Stringer work proceeding…

Running out of daylight so quickly laid rungs up to get a visual of the final product… will definitely need more rungs than I thought. Bridge is over 50’…

Looking sick. I gotta get up and ride there sometime this year. Stoked to see so much going on around the province!

The completed bridge… on to the next http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/c676407db519bdf42481870746f097d8.gif

It’s under development, so to speak. It’s part of the existing hiking trail system that we are developing for bike use as well. PM me your email addy… I lost a lot of my contacts with a mainboard failure. I’m heading up this Tuesday and Thursday for most of the day if you want to come out and lend a hand.

Might be in your neck of the woods next week. Up for giving a tour of the trails?

Next week? Let me know. I’d offer lodging but it wouldn’t be 5 star. You’d have to supply your own breakfast.
I can offer trail rides in metro. Let me know! Trailflow is doing an amazing job at showing what mountain biking is all about, keep it up!

Would love to show you around our little neck of the woods… just let me know when you are coming.