Hillsborough Mountain Bike Association - contacts?

I’m wondering if anyone has any contacts for the Hillsborough Mountain Bike Association? I’m relatively new to the Moncton area and not too familiar with places to ride. I happened to stumble accross the blog a couple of weeks ago: hillsboroughmba.blogspot.ca/
I haven’t heard anything back after sending an email to the address that’s listed on the blog. I’m assuming by the most recent blog post that the group is still active? Just wondering if anyone on here is a member or has any contacts I could get in touch with?


I can help you Ben.

The association is still going. The fella in charge is Dwayne Beaumont. Email is dstbab@hotmail.com.

Have you ridden H’boro? Live in Moncton? I was there for about 5 years, loved it there, and loved the trails!

Awesome, thanks!

I haven’t ridden in Hillsborough yet or anywhere around the Moncton area. I’m from Halifax and so far I’m really liking Moncton - it’s pretty laid back but still has a lot to offer.

Do you know of any other good trails around the area? I know Centenial Park has bits and pieces, and I’ve heard about Connaught Woods but haven’t been there.