Hillsborough Tips

Cool, let me know if you guys are coming up.

I had originally planned on riding the day you guys were in there but the heat kept me at the cottage.

CyclingGirl and I visited Hillsborough yesterday. It was a pretty hot day, and overheated after climbing the doubletrack, so we didn’t do a lot of sngletrack. There seem to be a bewildering array of trails. Can someone suggest a route for first timers to sample the singletrack there? There is a trail map here:
but it’s pretty confusing.

You can get turned around in there pretty quickly if you don’t know where you are going. A better map is in the works.

It is very hard to suggest a route because when we ride there we double back over different sections linking up different trails and really have no set route. If you would like a guide sometime you can message me or make contact with the person who does the blog you listed. He lives a 2 minute drive from the trail head. He goes by Mobster on here up but is very rarely on here.

Thanks mudderhucker. Next time we head up there, I’ll try to contact you. I think there’s a group of us that may head up there for a camping trip in August.