Hitch receiver installation recommendation

I need to get a receiver installed on my car for a hitch rack. I already have the rack, it is 1 1/4 inch, but has the adapter for 2 inch. My car is a little hatchback, so it definitely won’t be towing anything. Does anyone have a recommendation for somewhere (in Halifax) to buy it and get it installed?

Uhaul in Dartmouth was cheap when I had mine done a few years ago

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Action Car & Truck Accessories in Burnside was the cheapest I could find a couple years ago, to buy and install.

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I think rackology possibly would do it too. I got a roof mount bike rack from them and was impressed with their service.

Uhaul did our outback this year. Cheapest and no issues with the service.

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Another vote for Uhaul Dartmouth.

Had my hitch installed at Work & Play in Dartmouth. Would recommended.

Work and Play

I used Caps Plus in lower Sackville. It was cheaper than Uhaul and I did the install myself. I heard Hitch World also has great prices.

Work & Play

Action car and truck accessories Dartmouth. No hassles no problems.

Apple autoglass on kempt. They knpe their stuff and they dont price gouge the shit outta ya like action does.

Ive gotten apple to order and install truck accessories twice. No hastles and wayyyy wayyyy cheaper than action… my back rack alone was 650 less

I had no issues with Action, I believe it was $263 installed no problem.

Can confirm, I dealt with Action for over a decade through a previous business, they are typically among the most expensive in the city for retail customers, their bread and butter is commercial upfitting. I was a competitor of theirs, they couldn’t touch my pricing at the time and I wasn’t what I would consider cheap. Individual results vary of course, but I’ve been in this industry 18 years. Uhaul and Work and Play are hard to beat for pricing.

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I called both at the time and Action was cheaper.

I had my side steps replaced on my previous truck. Apple charged me 470 installed… action wanted 900 just for the part

UHaul, receiver was well over 100 cheaper than work and play for my Jetta a few years ago.

I understand the anecdote, I’m just saying its not necessarily representative of the typical experience there, which is why I mentioned my dealings with them over 10 years, I found them comparatively to be expensive. Remember, I was one of their competitors, I price shopped them all the time. I’m not saying they WILL be the most expensive, just that in my ten years dealing with them, they weren’t the cheapest and really had terrible customer service. That’s how I got their customers, my customer service.

Highly recommend to watch some videos and DIY! Installation is not usually a very difficult job.

With zero automotive specific experience, I’ve done 2 with flawless results.