Holiday Wishes and Appreciation

As this unforgettable year draws to a close, I would like to thank each and every one of you whom I met this year or with whom I reconnected after a few years absent from this community.

It’s been a challenging year for all of us.

Having spent the first few months of this year working at the front lines of a pandemic and living and working in the communities affected by the tragedy in April, being welcomed back into this vibrant community of active and fun-loving people made an indescribably significant difference in my life. I hope the enthusiasm you witness each time I see you all can make up for the words which are insufficient.

Each ride or event this year was memorable, from my reintroduction at the Railyard on June 13th, to the first group ride at Empire, to the valley rides, the cottage event, the corn maze (who could forget!), to the Be Rad and Meridian PEI extravaganza and Strathganza, Tour de Gore, the Fitz ride in a heat warning, the clinic then very special day at Keppoch (also not to be soon forgotten!), to every group ride (small or rather large!)

Wishing you all the happiest of holiday seasons and extending a virtual toast to the new adventures awaiting us in 2021.

All the best,

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(no exclusivity intended here, it’s just a combination of some intentionality and a 25 person limit!)


Merry Christmas!!


Thanks for riding with us Kristin and keeping the energy levels up:) It was a great year on bikes, despite the pandemic.


Merry Christmas everyone… getting ready to be sendy claus



Great to see you back with that thousand watt smile of yours.


Enjoyed reading your post, hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year! Look forward to joining you on the trails :smiley:


Merry Christmas to you all, thanks for being cool and letting me into the “cool kids” club. HAHA totally joking about that, or AM i?! Either way, you’ve all been rad to ride with and just recently started to get to know a bit better! Life is better when we’re on two wheels and getting out for some fresh air and exercise! See you all in the new year !!!


Happy Holidays Kristen! I’m grateful for having met you this year. You bring so much positivity to every ride.

The Be Rad trip to PEI wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you, and I might still be lost in the dark at Anima Mundi if you didn’t lend me a light!

More rides together soon!