How was the Keppoch Race?


THE sickest thing ever. So fast and flowy on the way down. Pretty grunty on the way up, with a few wet spots, but still some flow to be had going up. Super buff. I like it. A lot.

Some pics and coverage from The Casket Newspaper. Awesome to see the pics and the article! Keppoch is aiming to be a real mountain bike destination!

More pics here:
Credit for the pics to the photographer.

It was a fun race and they did a great job keeping it rideable (not a word?, really?), despite the buckets of rain on Saturday. The downhill was very fun. I would like to see a little bit of technical terrain. I can’t believe I’m asking for roots and rocks but it is nice to have technical challenges to overcome. Maybe I’m bitter because I didn’t do so well. I’ll just go ride Wrandees and get my fill of technical roots and rocks! Don’t forget that the Downhill is series is back at Keppoch in two weeks and it is a blast! There are go-arounds for all the gnarly jumps so anyone can play. See you there!

That picture makes it look fun.

I think this is the strava track for it: