Hows long lake?

The fam wants to go to long lake just on a walk tomorrow but when i went to look it up seems theres a decent amount of blue trails through there.
Was just wondering what the mtbing is like here for the future?
Never really heard of anyone riding it on this forum

@tossedsalad should have the lowdown

It’s rooty, very rooty! It’s lots of fun in the winter though, once there’s packed down snow covering everything.


If you know what trails to hit and everything to avoid you can make for a pretty fun 1.5 to 2 hour ride at a steady pace. Unfortunately, knowing what trails to take and the sequence of linking them together is pretty much impossible to describe. It’s more of a winter riding experience these days, I’m afraid.


There’s a reason for that. Old school rooty tech isn’t for everyone. Good times in the winter tho.

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Right on. Thanks again fellas. Maybe ill hit it up this winter if i get geared up for winter riding