Huge thanks for the Empire tour

Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to those who gave me the quick and dirty tour of the Empire Trails. Seriously had the best time. MTBing is so much different than road in a great way.

I only fell once. Was a good laugh. Only a skinned knuckle. We also chatted about my home brew beer. It should be ready before June 24th!! I went with a cream ale but added some fruity hops to brighten it up a bit. I will bring samples.

I bought some good Giant branded big platform pedals but I kept sliding off of them. Sitting around after the ride for a chat someone suggested mountain bike shoes so I went to sportwheels and picked up a pair of low cut ride concepts. Can’t wait to try them out. They were also nice and gave me an old tube so I can wrap the chain stay. The chain slapping was getting annoying.

Can’t wait to hit some more trails. In august we are going to shediac for a few days and heard of some nice single track trails. Then we are going to cavendish PEI with friends. The trail system there seems boring. Are there any nice single track trails near cavendish?


Go to Brookvale, it’s about 20 min from Cavendish but well worth the drive!

And I have the same shoes and they are awesome.


Brookvale in PEI. So much fun!

Headed to Brookvale tomorrow for the weekend :slight_smile:

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Brookvale is amazing, can’t wait to get back there next month.