Hunting Season/Safe trails?

Lots of hunters out there in the wilderness… any suggestion of trails to avoid? Or ones that should be safe?

I would assume there are no safe areas and take precautions. I have found spent shells in areas marked no hunting.

This time of year I always wear orange. If you ride with friends, making noise by talking will warn hunters. I mostly ride alone so I use a bear bell to make noise. I try to avoid being in the woods near dawn and dusk when trigger fingers are the itchiest. Night riding ‘should’ be pretty safe there’s not many deer running around with bright headlamps on :). Saturday is the worst day for hunting activity because so many people have the day off.

Yeah, precautions indeed… ran into (not literally) a couple of hunters last week… they were pissed we were riding where they were hunting… cursed at us and told us to get the F**k out of the woods… never mind they were 300m from a school… morons. But, they were packing and we weren’t so we left. Dummies…

Your pretty safe at The Gorge in Kentville and the Reservoir park trails in Wolfville as both as town parks and within town limits. I would suspect Victoria Park in Truro is also a good choice.

Pepperjester got some good choices, you could probably add Second Lake, and Shubie Park, anywhere that lots of people use on a regular basis, downside is maybe lots of walkers. What about whopper? I did see a structure there last year on the other side of the powerlines that could be a blind though.

yikes, where was that?