I don't think there's a crazier racing format than the Trophy of Nations

My god, it’s just beyond everything.


That guy needs to dub some music over his breathing. God he sounds like he’s leading a Lamaze class.


You sprint for 13 minutes and see how you sound! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing like that. :joy:

What did I just watch?

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Everything from that weekend of racing is awesome. EWS is doing it right.
Edit: I no spell so gud

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Enduro World Series (EWS) Trophy of Nations (EWS world championship race weekend in a nutshell) race. Every country with riders in the EWS sent 3 male and 3 female riders to this race. So three racers, regardless of team, raced for their country. In this case its Remi Gauvin (camera), Jesse Melemad (RF Rocky Mountain plaid), and Rhys Verner (Kona Factory) killing it for the Maple Leaf.

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Gauvin starts the middle position with cam, but halfway through he and Melamed switch places. I love hearing Melamed’s trail commentary. Plus it’s incredible to think that they’re hitting these speeds after only having ridden that track a single time.