I touched Sue's new bike today!

Glad you’re having an awesome time Sue! Sting and all! :slight_smile:

The bike sure is purdy! :slight_smile:

Hey Stacey, that’s the comment I made on the picture of the bike. Great minds think alike (hee, hee).

Yes, I took my right index finger and touched Sue’ new Yeti!!! It’s beeeeyoooooteeeeful. I’m sooooooooooo envious!!!

Hey S and T, when you come to pick it up are you guys going to go for a scoot around Fitz or somewhere close by?

P.S. I made sure my finger was clean

I’m coming up tomorrow afternoon and if anyone would like to go for an inaugural tour of Fitz with me I’d be stoked to have the company.

Arghhh… This is killing me. I want it now!!!

congrats Sue

enjoy those new matching shoes too :wink:

call us for a ride

Crushing Cramp, did you almost feel like fainting? It must have been a life-altering experience (hee, hee). Thanks for sharing that special moment.

Today was the day. I rode and rode and it was AMAZING! Still have a few adjustments to make, but all in all it’s definitely my dream bike - feels like there’s nothing it can’t do.

I managed to get stung by something on my neck while I was riding and had to end my ride due to swelling and nausea, otherwise I think I’d still be out there.


Sue, what did you get for a new off road machine? Obviously it is a Yeti, but what model and where did you purchase?

Terry, I got an ASR5 Alloy. Pictou County Cycle brought it in for me - there are no other dealers east of Quebec. It’s an amazing bike - it does absolutely everything my Bear could do at almost 10 pounds less!

Bruce had brought in a carbon model for a customer about 18 months ago I think, it was sweet.

Can you see my fingerprints on it???

hey Sue…tried calling you back numerous times but your phone kept saying you were outta range…I figured you were riding and riding and riding!! I was a bit uneasy that something bad happened so Wendy and I drove out to Fitz to see if we could find your car…no car so we figured you were on your way home. Glad to hear that the sting didn’t kill you.

Sherry, I left a message on your phone at home - I guess you didn’t get it. Sorry about that. I’m still alive with no permanent damage except a crusty lump on my neck behind my ear. Thanks for checking up on me, I appreciate it!

Glad you’re having an awesome time Sue! Sting and all! :slight_smile:

The bike sure is purdy! :slight_smile: