I’ve got a F$&king Creak!

Okay, creak, noise, click, call it what you will. We’ve all had them. Mine happens when I pedal. I’ve changed out the bottom bracket for a new one, put on new pedals, removed pretty much everything, greased and returned to the proper torques recommended by the manufacturers of the parts involved. My frame is not very old and I can’t imagine it might be the bearings in the linkage. I bounce on it and not a sound. I’m thinking there will be a few ideas tossed my way and I certainly will appreciate every suggestion.

Does it make the noise standing and pedalling or just seated? Seat rails can creak in the clamp and sometimes sounds like it’s coming from somewhere else.

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Kinda ruled out the seat. Thought it may be the dropper so I totally removed it and took a spin without a seat or post. Still had a noise.

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Seatpost, seatpost collar. Headset.

Creaks can resonate through a frame and be hard to narrow down.

Took the headset apart and added some grease. New BB and new pedals. The seat is about a year old WTB Sileverado. Can’t say as I’ve been happy with the last couple of WTB seats I’ve had but I’ve put a different seat on just to test it and still had the noise.
Chainring bolts have been checked 😵‍💫

Fork Crown Steerer Unit?

Hmm. Rockshox Lyric. Not sure if they have been known to have that issue. Never know though.

Check all the welds for any signs of cracks… my buddy had a creak that ended up being a crack in the frame and he is not a hard rider at all.

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Had it for a year and no issues.

Good advice. My Norco had a crack and made no noise. I’ll give this a closer inspection!

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My lower du bushing started creaking last ride out. It was more of a squeak and not often. But the fox style 5 piece du bushings can develop a creak/ squeak in the white wear part as it is just essentially plastic. If it is a Rockshox rear shock it most likely still has the older style steel du bushing with a red wear surface.

Grease on the thru axle shaft where your crank(s) slides on?

Check for crack in frame

Check all pivot bearings and/or bushings.

Seat post too short/too high in the seat tube?

I’ve never had this on a MTB but have on a BMX, the rear cassette bearings needed replacement (only creaked when pedaling).

Internal cables?

Ha! Yeah internal cables for the seat post and derailleur. The hydraulics are outside.
To be honest, I’m not sure how to check the bushings or bearings. I don’t think the frame has a crack. I’ve looked and there are no noises when I pump on the suspension.
I’m thinking I’ll probably have to look past it and ride until something obvious presents itself. Please feel free to keep the ideas coming though.

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My trek fuel started doint it about 6 montbs ago… couple people said it was normal… went to keppocu in june and i lost a minolink linkage bolt… which the shop replaced… and the bike was still creaking

I retorqued all the linkage bolts and its much quieter…if their loose it can wear out the bearings faster i guess

Bolt torques checked. What I did find was a small crack in the coating on my coil spring. When I investigated further a piece flaked off exposing some rust. Not sure if this could be causing anything but I’ll have to deal with it. Anyone ever “repaint” a coil spring?

Unlikely as that paint is flexible.

Are you local to HRM? I’d be willing to lend a hand trying to find the source of the problem.

This could be the source, just sent a message to Cane Creek to see what they say about refinishing or whether it’s an option at all. The coil size is 2.0 x 550 which don’t appear on the buy and sells to often. Knolly is pretty good for posting torquing specs and such so I may get some advice from them also.
I’m in HRM but will be out of town for the next week.

It’s entirely possible, squeaks and creaks can come from the weirdest places…

Let me know when you’re back in town if no answers and we’ll put our heads together.
I want to get into doing repairs on the side more than I do now, so would be interested in helping solve it purely for the learning opportunity.

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I had a creak/clicking for the longest time while pedaling, thought it was BB, Cranks, etc. It ended up being the rear derailleur hanger. Take yours off, clean where it contacts the frame, add a little grease there, grease bolts, etc. Mine returns each season if i don’t keep that area cleaned. Those sounds can travel through the frame and sound like it’s coming from almost anywhere. Not saying that’s your problem, but it is a source of noise that is overlooked sometimes. Also throw some grease on your axle or QR whatever style you have.