Ice Drifting

I’ve never ridden on studded tires before, but I’m guessing I would not be this graceful:

I would definitely recommend making a set. It is some of the best ridding all year. Partly because I’m so desperate to get out this time of year but also because the packed trails are so fast and flowy.

To make my set I bought 2 kenda klaws at MEC for $15 each and 2 or three boxes of 3/8" stainless steel #8 wood screws. (220 per tire maybe?) From there is is a lot of drilling from the outside in to make a pilot hole in a staggered pattern in the meaty part of the blocks. Next I screwed each hole from inside out. You need to wrap your tube in a cut open tube or seat belt to keep the screw heads from chaffing. This is time consuming so if you have coin you can buy a set for $140 to $200, I think.

Also, we are having a studding party where you can learn to put car studs in the tires. Studs are lower and lighter and seem to grip better on really hard ice of you have a high stud density.

Jeff, this is exactly what I did to make my set. Unfortunately there is not enough clearance on part of the frame and the screws “tick” on the frame I need to spend a little time with a dremel to grind them down a bit.

They are a little hard to mount though. It is kind of like trying to wrestle a porcupine.

Ha, it is tricky.

Yeah frame clearance is a concern. I wonder if 1/2" screws would poke through enough.

1/2" are longer than 3/8" so I suspect they would. Is there such thing as .25". It might be more time friendly to swap the screws out rather than grind them down.

Maybe grinding them down is better though. After all, who doesn’t love a good grinding screw session :smiley:

Washers! On all my screws I used at least one washer as I found they stuck out too far, and spreads the load on the tire out. I believe on some screws I used two washers.

If you decide to use washers, do not buy them from crappy tire/lkent/etc. Way over priced. Go to some place like Trans World or Fastenal.

Thanks for the info. I’d like to get to the studding party but taking the kiddies to the Moosheads game that same night.

The temperatures and trail conditions really yo-yo quite a bit over the course of the winter, so do you guys put your studded tires on at the start of the season and just leave them on, or do you swap out the studs and non-studs depending on the conditions?

I wouldn’t ride today with them but once we get some snow and ices again, I expect we will be good through to march. (wishful thinking maybe)

FWIW - Studded tires for 29ers START at around $150 per tire _ and _ the nature of 29er is that you have smaller lugs and not as suitable for home studding. So… i’m taking 29er tire suggestions for home studding.

Well… shiver me timbers … B000WJ4DBG never would have considered amazon.

You read my mind - I was just about to ask about studding my 29er. Thanks.

Here are some more options for 29ers:

I haven’t ordered either of these, but I did order other stuff from them and it went very smoothly.

I use car studs. I’m using a combination of #11 and #12 studs. 12 on the side lugs, and 11 in the middle. They last for several seasons and work fantastic. I’m having a get together at my place on January 25th. I need to make a set of 29er tires for my winter ride.