Ice Wax chain lube, lubes and chains in general

I too rarely replace drivetrains anymore, granted, I’m not riding a ton anymore, a wife, 2 kids a dog and a house does that sometimes.

but… The drivetrain on my main bike is 10+ years old, I’ve changed cranksets a couple times in that span, so the chainrings have changed, and it has been on at least 3 different bikes but the chain and casette are the same ones I’ve been using since 2001. It was good quality stuff, XTR casette, and a SRAM chain, one of the higher end shiny silver ones.

After seeing my managers bikes, which basically live at Fight Trail full time, and seeing how immaculate the drive train looks and works, I’ve finally succumbed to believing his rants about the stuff. Nothing sticks to it, it wears great, shifts nice, and is really quiet. He seriously runs a toothbrush over it briefly, and any crud that was even there, which is not much, falls right off. Mind you, he stays on top of it, but it looks life it really makes life grand. I’ve heard others go on and preach about the stuff as well, so I figured I’d try it on the next new drivetrain. Which both of my MTB’s have, currently. But I haven’t yet…

Enter my new Giant Escape 1. I’ve commuted for a grand total of 2 weeks, and have already worn the chain out to .75% on my Park Tool gauge. I usually toss it at .75 - 1.0%, and if I miss it, usually end up burning up the whole drivetrain and just starting from scratch again. So, I figure I have nothing left to loose. See how it works before I replace the chain in the near future. I have a bit of a small bottle of the stuff left, so I gave 'er stink.

First impressions are that it actually cleans the chain well. I wiped it really well with a rag soaked in WD-40 first, but this stuff actually polished it right up! It felt VERY slippery on the rag, so we’ll see how it feels when actually riding.

My question is, who uses this or similar stuff? Who uses other stuff? What do you use? How do you like it for your riding conditions? I need feedback! I usually use Prolink on my MTB’s as it cleans and lubes, and I was fairly happy with that. I’ve been using Syn Lube on my commuters forever, but it seems REALLY messy, and I’ve been eating chain up left, right and center. Will this be the be all end all?

I never use a chain gauge but do keep my drive trail clean and lubed always and have no issues.
Many will argue this but to me, lube is lube.

I use pedros synlube now and have only used wax for one winter in the past. I can’t say it helped the chainlife significantly in my case. Mind you I was not commuting, rather trail riding.

I’ve certainly had customers praise the benefits of wax especially those who commute.

Ah, commuting. Seems so wimpy, but year round/all weather absolutely DESTROYS bicycles, specially drivetrains. What a mess out there! Fenders and flaps really stem it back a bit, but I can see how a non-sticky chain would help.

I find the Synlube requires CONSTANT cleaning, which I don’t have the time for, and it never really seems to clean all the grit out. As in my freshly scrubbed, rattled and rinsed chain still grinds like a BMX kid with a lifetime supply of pegs. And that’s before I re-lube it, making grinding paste inside it!

Troy, do you always just catch the chain early enough to keep the rest of the drivetrain in shape, or do you just ride it until it’s problematic and replace the whole thing? I’ve done both, in the past.

Commuting is certainly not wimpy! I take my hat off to those who commute year round.

I do wax my bike. It keeps the paint, and components looking right some pretty.

I meant wimpy as far as in comparison to how you would think it would treat your bike! Ha ha.

My old Concorde has been fully polished, cut and buffed and protected with car wax. But it gets waaay too much love. Bike lust works a treat, and I use WD-40 to clean bikes as well. It keeps the crap from sticking as well, and smells awesome.

Auto-Sol, from Germany, is by far THE best metal polish avaliable.

Now, lubes? It will remain to be seen.

Troy, do you always just catch the chain early enough to keep the rest of the drivetrain in shape, or do you just ride it until it’s problematic and replace the whole thing? I’ve done both, in the past.

Nah, just clean and lube. Have not replaced a drive train in a very long time on a MTB. Road bike I have but only because I wanted an upgrade.

I just give the chain a shot of KY and keep on ridin!

Troy, do your MTB’s never skip or hesitate?!? Even years/miles later? Wow. I want whatever it is you use.