IG Live Interview w Haley Smith and Andrew L'Esperance: Friday 7pm, MTB Atlantic

From the cool folks at MTB Atlantic:

In case you’ve always wanted to ask a World Cup cyclist for insights but haven’t had the chance THIS is your opportunity to gain insight into TWO WC cyclists!

Enjoy a virtual evening with ‘Hales’ and ‘Lespy’ this Friday evening.

Hales is a Commonwealth Games medalist, has earned a World Cup podium, is consistent in the World Cup top 10, an Olympic hopeful and an absolute badass behind the bars:

Lespy is one of Atlantic Canada’s favourite homegrown professional cycling talents having represented Canada six times at Worlds, won a Canada Cup Ch’ship and stood on many podiums in international UCI stage racing.

PM me your questions and I’ll be sure to hit up Canada’s favourite mtb powercouple Andrew L’Esperance and Haley Smith with them this Friday evening @ 7pm!



Looking forward to this T :facepunch:

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Don’t worry, I’ll try to sneak an enduro question in there somewhere! :sweat_smile:


Will this be something that will be viewable later if we can’t tune in for the live event?


This looks exciting. I don’t have Instagram, will it be available anywhere else?

I believe that as the interviewer I can record this event but will have to investigate further since I’m no expert on IG Live functionality.

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Tnite @ 7pm
Grab a refreshment, sit back and join us.
Def more fun than a stick in the spokes!

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Hopefully it gets recorded.

We had a rough start w some technical difficulties but regrouped for a respectable finish :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Recorded here for those interested:


@streetgang Thank you and MTBAtlantic for organizing this! Inspiring on so many levels. Nice to get to know Haley beyond a face on strava, appreciated her perspective on women in mtb world/culture. Will be rooting for her on path to Olympics!


Fingers crossed for another Canada Cup race at the Gorge, so we can see them both race here again.


Thanks for watching and thanks to Hales, Lespy and MTB Atlantic for arranging!


Tentative schedule is TWO late summer Canada Cups in Atl Canada: Rotary Park/Dieppe and Gorge/Kentville so hopefully that can happen!


We had to host the IG Live on Lespy’s account, so he has the IGTV recording posted! We are working on getting it posted on the MTBA channel as well :blush: