I'm not completely convinced

So, saw this in relation to Ryder’s crash and his rear wheel spinning his bike around. I’m not convinced of anything yet. Racers would just be too concious of the weight of this mechanisim.

Getting a bit tinfoil hat for me, and I can say I don’t even know who he is but here’s how I see it, if he cheated and won then he knows he’s a looser so let him live with that. It will catch up with him eventually.

Overall, I say bull as well. I just can’t see a road racer wanting any extra weight on their bike for any reason

I think it is more likely something caused the pedal to rotate and that spun the rear wheel.

Having said that, there would be a clear advantage if he could fit a 100W motor plus battery in the frame. According to my calculations he could climb a steep hill probably up to 20% faster than without a motor, even with the extra weight.