Indoor Ice Races


There’s a chance that there might be some indoor ice races happening. Not weather dependent, no sketchy ice, close to food and plenty of parking. Sound like a great time I think so…what do you think? Maybe some bikes set up with studded tires to tryout?

Would you partake in an indoor ice race?

4 votes! Thatsa a quarum!!

From talking to folks, there certainly seems to be real interest and the organizers are keen. The ice surface is available and the rink is willing to allow bikes on it. That is not a question. The only question is would you show up?

Remember that this will cost more than on a lake due to the cost of ice rental.

What is the cost of ice rental? Is it per 50 minutes? I wonder if we could have spectators :slight_smile:

Spectators would be no problem.

It will be in an arena. Normally, for hockey, it is 50 minutes, but the ice time available for this event would be for 4 hours.

the more spectators the merrier! I think it would actually be really fun and exciting to watch! Bring the whole family… no need to worry about windchill.

we had a couple races on some lakes in the Yukon, pallet fires in the middle and drift contests, ah youth what good times we had. I realize some of this may not be possible in a arena(like the fire, I guess). We had timed, and head on head eliminations rounds. It was a blast.

Actually windchill would be pretty serious. Have you seen how fast I can go on ice? :mrgreen:

Event is a go! Circle March 15 on your calendar and get your studs ready!

We have a few details to work out still and will post up as updates as we have them here and on our webpages. The Facebook event page will be updated the most as well… it’s the quickest to do so on :slight_smile:

If this goes well and people like the format you can expect to see a whole indoor series next winter with about 4 events. :smiley:

Update: Did some on ice testing yesterday. Great fun!

Promo video up at: … =2&theater

Stud 'em up folks! It’s almost time. :sunglasses:

Who’s heading down from Hali? Also, check out Maritime Live on Thursday am for some precoverage with Cyril Lunney and the crew!

Even if you’re not racing, come out and cheer on those who are. it’s going to be a hella good time!

I’m stoked! This is going to be so much fun!!

Who’s butt am I kicking this saturday night…I’m taking names and sharpening my studs!!!

Almost here, less than a day.

Even if you don’t want to race/ride, come down and watch, it’ll be good for some laughs guaranteed!

Race day! Woooooooooo!!! :smiley: