Inflating Tubeless Tires

Now that I have converted I need a way to inflate the tire with enough pressure to POP the bead into pace. My floor pump isn’t cutting it. What are you using to inflate your tubeless tires at home in your garage?

As you discovered floor pump will definitely not do it. You need to put a lot of air in quickly, compressor (not the little cigarette lighter type) or go to a gas station with an air hose.

I picked up a small compressor at Canadian Tire… on sale it was about $50, does a great job and handy to have around for all kind of things.

Use lots of soapy water to help the bead slide into place.

I think this is the one I have:

Mastercraft Compressor $59.99

Imagine my fun trying to get my tire to seat on the trail the other night with a mini-pump after I flatted my tubeless setup. Holy arm workout Batman!

It never did seat perfectly all the way around but it was enough for me to continue my ride!

Great endorsement. I wondered if one of those small CT compressors would work I will pick one up this weekend. Where would one get a presta fitting for the hose?

You can pick up Presta to Schrader adapter at MEC, probably most bike shops as well.

Adapter from MEC

Picked up the Compressor you reco’d Gtrguy. Thanks for that.

No problemo, It’s nothing amazing as far as compressors go but the price is certainly right and it’s got plenty of capacity for bike tires.

For trails flats I would recommend a CO2 inflator. You can get one from MEC for around $10 and it certainly beats using a hand pump.