Info wanted - trail in Kentville

I discovered a trail in Kentville. It’s in the Fox Hollow subdivision across from where I work at Kingstec. Found it on Google:
Anyone know anything about this trail? I don’t want to trespass. It could also use some work - mainly cutting foliage back, but also some bridging. Again, would like to seek permission before doing anything in there.

I talked to the neighbor on one side of the trail entrance. He said it’s a town trail. Open to the public. I went in today, and cut the branches and bushes encroaching the first part of the trail.

It’s not a very long trail. It goes down to the fields and dykes along the river, and across toward the Fox Hill Ave. neighborhood. I came out on a road down to the fields along the river. I didn’t see any continuation of the trail on the other side of the road. Probably 20-30 minutes in and out. There are three stream crossings. One near the entrance has a really nice bridge. The second has logs laid in it, but parallel to the trail not across it. The third has some wood sticking out, as if there was a bridge there at one time, but no bridge now. I carried my bike across the 2nd and third.

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