Installing a new derailleur cable - ahhhh

So after figuring out how the cable runs through the clamp at on an acera derailleur, I have beautiful shifting again on the commuter. It is amazing how frayed the old one was, hidden away under the bottom bracket. And only a year old.

So how many people think to check for fraying of their cables first when shifting starts to go awry?

Getting a year out of a cable on a commuter you use all year sounds pretty good, salt is brutal and BB cable routing is exposed to so much road spray.
I use full length cable housing and find that I rarely have any shifting problems due to corroded cables or gummed up housing. Of course you can’t use the frame’s housing stops with full length housing so it gets zip tied to the frame. Every once and a while I drop a couple of drops of oil into the housing at the shifter end to keep things running smoothly.

Not a bad option. As well. Though changing a cable yearly isn’t a bad idea for me. It reminds me to do all the other little clean and grease jobs as well. Just did the cranks and pedals. Now that was a real chore.

I had to do the same thing about a month ago after my shifting starting acting up. my cable had a small kink in it, and had some sort and mud inside the housings. with a new cable it shifts perfectly.

I always forget to route it through the plastic guide underneath the BB. Gets me every time.

Loving stainless steel cables. No rust, although slightly more susceptible to cracking/fraying. I also rub ceramic grease on the cables before I thread it through again. Should change them yearly anyways. Most road shifters have such tight bends that the end can fray pretty quickly, and even break off, leaving you with a useless shifter, most only available in sets, starting at a few hundred bucks.

Not advocating online ordering but this is a neat product: … -of-3.html

Those are some expensive zip ties, you can buy bags of them at the dollar store and they come in lots of different colors to match your bike.