Installing new headset

So I have a new integrated headset for my road bike. Installation seems pretty straight forward but my question is about the star nut. Can I use the existing one (which is in fine shape) or do I need to remove it and use the new one?

Should be able to use the existing one.

the star nut is going to be ok to use… but be sure to change the lower race, the one attached to the fork. they do wear out over time and for the great feel of a new headset it should be changed. :wink:

Thanks guys. The “old” star nut isn’t very old, I was just unsure if they were all the same or headset specific. Good to know.

The new cane Creek has a small tiny little new race, which I assumed I needed to install.

The installation seems easy enough and I know I have a good shop to run to if I screw things up. I also have the newest Zinn book. Very good info in there.

Couldn’t get the old fork race off, so into Sportwheels I end up going anyway, haha!