Irishman's Road Part Trois

Great news! There is a phase 3 planned for Irishman’s road and Trailflow has the contract to add even more trail to the area. The scene is exploding due to the great folks in local communities who recognize the importance of sport and recreation.

Shout out to everyone who has had anything to do with making this trail project a reality. This is awesome!


Wow, that’s great.

Here’s a link to the tender document for an idea of what to expect:

Got to say I think this phase has some great potential and it seems that TrailFlow has a lot more freedom for design this go round. The area of the property where they are going to be building has some pretty cool natural features. It’s a part of the property I never expected to see any building and am excited to see what happens there.

The area circled in yellow is roughly where the tender describes the trails are to be built:


Thanks for the support folks! We’ll be getting moving on the design portion shortly. We’re looking forward to this project, should be fun!


I was in there last week for the first time. Phase 2 was very nice. Can’t wait to see what TrailFlow come up with for the next phase.


I’m really pleased that everyone is having so much fun on the trails and anticipating what is to come. Believe me that this was no small task to get these trails on the ground. So, I encourage everyone to pop off a quick email to the folks listed below to let West Hants Council know that the money they are spending is creating something special. Don’t forget to mention where you live, so they can see that people are willing to travel to enjoy these trails.

West Hants Director of Recreation, Kathy Kehoe:
West Hants Active Living Coordinator, Bekah Reagan:
West Hants District #5 Councillor, Gary Cochrane: