Is your bike fantasy ruining reality?

Bike Porn - Is Your Fantasy Ruining Reality?

Interesting article, although I can’t say I’ve ever felt diminished joy of the sport from watching MTB videos or the like (though they are torture to watch in the middle of say… January), it is an interesting viewpoint I hadn’t considered before. Might be why my favorite videos are of ones like Chromag’s Trail Boss, the kind of riding I enjoy doing.

This was right on the money. I went thru a spell where I thought every single ride had to be or was going to be epic… TO THE MAX. Many weren’t but it made me start shunning great ole XC rides on dirt roads, which resulted in me just not going out very much. What a downer. I was thinking “maybe i’m just not in the right location for mountain biking etc”. One night I had a lightbulb moment and told myself I was full of shit and figured it out tho :slight_smile:

Honestly, this isn’t much different than actual porn, or comparing your camping to Les Stroud excursions (I actually love Ray Mears more, but you get my picture) or it even compares to eating sugar loaded goodies goods vs meat and veg with some S&P on it. Its all about comparing our regular life to super-saturated lives of the starts out there. It’ll get you know where. The linked article had the phrase “Comparison is the thief of joy” in it. Truer words were never spoken. (Thats probably a lie, people say lots of true things! :slight_smile: )