ISO: Bike for 12 yr old

Neighbour’s 12 year old son is loving the shred and is on a bit of a rickety mountain bike, 24" tires
Parents are hoping to find him a used bike, 27.5 tires, decent hardtail, or dual suspension. He’s 4’11.
Any ideas or leads are appreciated.


Do they have a budget in mind? I think there has been a few XS’s for sale on the fb bike gear group

Thanks. Scanning the site now and I don’t see any xs hard tails or ds. Will take a closer look later.
Not certain their budget but I can’t imagine more than ~1700. What do parents spend on bikes for their 12 yr old kids??

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In terms of looking at bike sizing- keep in mind that 4’11" 12 yr old could easily be a 5’5" 13 yr old by next summer…depending on the brand might be a whole size up, and open up some options.
Also a $1700 bike would have my inner 12 yr old both very stoked and jealous at the same time :grinning:

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We have a Trek Marlin 5 hard tail. 27.5. Size small. Nolan’s bike that he used when he was 11 till last year. $500.
He could try it out and see if it fits before committing to buying it. It’s just sitting in the garage.

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@Stormshadow thank you! Will chat with the parents about this option, along with another that’s sprouted.

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We have a 2017 giant extra small full suspension it’s a trance but a liv model. New drivetrain and new pads front and rear for 900 bucks.
Pics and details available