ISO: Fatbike (Found)

Thinking about taking the plunge on a fatty for winter riding but picking up a new one probably isn’t in the cards this season. If you have a fatbike you’d consider parting with, hit me up.

I’m 5’9" and straddle the line between size medium or large depending on geo. Would prefer a 1x drivetrain, Deore if possible. Studded tires would be a bonus but I know they aren’t cheap so may not be feasible within my budget. Hoping to spend $1K or less but could probably flex a bit for the right bike.

Thanks for looking!

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Check out Moose. Their Moose 1 is a hair under $1000 and free delivery. While the site may say SOLD OUT . . . I believe they just got fresh stock.

Thanks @FatbikeRepublic — I actually found a great bike yesterday from another ECMTB member and pulled the trigger. Appreciate the tip though, I’m sure others will find it useful!


Perfect !