It's the return of Gripshift

That’s right Gripshift is available for the high end grouppos…

What do you think? Has the ship sailed on Gripshift? Is this something you’ve been eagerly awaiting?

I’ve been using Sachs ‘powergrip extreme’ shifters for a long time I think they’re great, way better than any other Gripshift that came before them. I use full length grips with them to prevent accidental shifts, wide bars helps keep things from getting crowded.

I’m sure Sram can make a gripshifter that addresses the issues associated with Gripshift in the past but there’s no accounting for personal preference.

I had grip shifts once. they came on the bike that I use as a commuter. They snapped while I was riding. I now use a 7 speed thumb shift. Beautiful. I will likely not go back to grip shift style shifters.

Those that like them, like them alot… :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself, I never seen the draw but then again, I never really tried them.

I’ve heard good things about the sachs shifters other places as well.

I had the sachs ones for quite a few years, they are probably still at the bottom of my parts box somewhere. There is a lot of weight weenie types south of the border that swear by gripshift. It can be a good system, but really sensitive to cable wear and dirt.

I actually prefer gripshift for the front derailleur, it lets you trim the front so when your chain is getting close to crossover gears you can get rid of the rub. can’t do that with triggers.

And for anyone thinking that the “gripshift” on a low end commuter bicycle shaped object is anything like what decent high end gripshift is like, you are very wrong.

I never personally liked Gripshift, but I never got to use the real stuff very often. Either way, it felt like it could accidentally shift in rough terrain or landing jumps, but then again, the new XX1 has Gripshift, and most people will be sending it on this group.