Keppoch Pre -Ride

Anyone else here signed up for the Enduro Challenge and possibly interested in riding Keppoch the weekend before as a sort of pre ride on one of the shuttle days, make it a so called practise day?

I’m thinking of going up the Saturday before and wanted to make an offer on the forums as I would have room for three additional riders and bikes.

If your interested let me know and we can figure something out :grin:

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Ill look into it. Might be able to pull some strings

I am signed up

Cool, if both of you are able to head up for a pre ride I’ll still have room for one more :grin:

I will get back to you soon

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Just realized this is thanksgiving weekend. Have tou much goin on that weekend. Dont think ill be able to do a pre ride that weekend

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Definitely didn’t realize that, but I’ll likely still be going for anyone who’s interested

Update: changing the date of my pre ride trip to the Sunday Oct. 11th instead of the Saturday for anyone who may be interested.

Signed up this morning. Im down for a pre ride.

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Still one seat left for anyone who wants to jump in. :rofl:

What time ya leaving Sunday? Prob pretty early eh?

Not 100% certain but I would say anywhere around 9ish

Cool. Not sure if i can get out that early. Young fella has hockey. Ill let ya know if i work something out

Sounds good

I don’t think I will be able to make it due to Thanksgiving sorry

No worries at all, my kids are with their mom this weekend so I didn’t even realize it was a holiday at first