Keppoch XTFC Run race Nov 7

Athletes, coaches and cross-country
enthusiasts are encouraged to come take part in the 2020 XTFC Open. This year’s
meet will be the first ever provincial level XC meet hosted at The Keppoch in

Just seen this today! Not sure on the details , Link to registration above.

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Jesse you realize this is a XC running race right?


:man_facepalming:t4::joy::joy:I knew it was XTFC Xavier track and field club right, and then I thought maybe there hosting an XC bike ride? Lol. So calling track field riders to join this running instead! :joy: @IanM_MTB —> I guess you already know of this.

@Goose you joining?

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:joy::joy: The last time I ran was in April.

I ran about 13 years ago. Did it for a week. Hard pass.


Good for those of you who do but I wouldn’t run if I was on fire. I bought a bike 20+ years ago so I would never have to run again