Kickstarter for trail repairs

Oh ok. Well fur shure! I’d be totally into that. Put up and big “No Walking” sign and all!

Just a thought, but I wonder if a kickstarter type project for trail repairs would work.

Basically someone propose a trail to repair or build (with a cost to do it including labour) and people donate towards the project. The pledged money would not be collected until all the requested funds are plegded.


Interesting idea, too bad trail building doesn’t fit into kickstarter’s project guidelines. Someone would have to start up a website. Maybe affiliated with an environmental/conservation group or some kind of active lifestyle group.

active, yet not, BNS?

Admittedly, I have not read any of the requirements for kickstarter or ORA branch of BNS, but I wonder what the requirements for granted permission to the trail system would be. We’ve all worked on ‘rogue’ trails, including myself, but I do know IMBA frowns upon that.

you could use they have a much looser set of rules.
but i think more than supplies we need manhours, which are scarse.

I just like to “maintain” established woods trails…

I think for people to make more than a time commitment you would need to show that the trail could exist long term and not be taken pout for a new development at any time.

The valley is making great strides towards this where there are now multiple singletrack systems that are endorsed by the community for use for mountain biking. HRM has a long way to go, but is taking the first step with Macintosh Run.

Because the guarantee of existance does not exist, except on private land, I think this is a cop out… no offence.

I don’t think or believe it realistic that most will contribute to the trails they ride, not should it be but at least stand up and say so… or say nothing but don’t set conditions and make excuses.

Myself, I’ll commit time, money, and political support behind something on public land. I woud never consider it for private land.

What if it was my private land, and we had a sweet land agreement? My dream…

Andf then you move and sell the land to someone who doesn’t care about mtb. No thanks. Invite only trail seshes are indication enough that this is not the best route. If people want to put their own time/money into something like that on some elses property thats fine, but I won’t get behind public money going into private land. Maybe if the land was ceded to a nature trust or some other group. Is that what you mean

I meant that if I had land, you could do what you like with it, trail building wise, and ride whenever you wanted to, and bring friends. It’s only a pipe dream, though. Unless we hit the jackpot somewhere!