Kid Friendly Trails in the Valley

Taking my oldest (8 y/o) camping this weekend at Blomidon and looking to hit up Cape Split and maybe some other spots with her.

She’s nervous on technical side for track but can tackle the greens with awesome confidence, can anyone with some experience in the area with kids shed some light in where may be the best spots to take her.

Thanks all :grin:

Reservoir park is fun.


I’d echo the reservoir - the skills park there is especially fun. Irishman’s road just before windsor and the sanctuary trails in kentville are the two other spots that I’d suggest.


I haven’t ridden Cape Split or Blomidon in a few years. Blomidon side was VERY rooty - a tough slog. I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie. Reservoir Park has great stuff, but some of the hillside singletrack might be a little intimidating. Bird Sanctuary has a lot of great trail suitable for newbies. Haven’t actually been there, but Chute Park in Berwick looks like it could be fun for youngsters.


We had fun at Reservoir Park. Even went for a swim afterwards. Screenshot from a vid I took.


Sounds like reservoir for the win, thanks everyone