Kids fat bikes

Good to see some fat bike events coming up (Mahone Bay/Blomidon/Keppoch). Anyone with their finger on the pulse know if there will be any kids fat bikes available to demo? I know probably less likely as we’re getting into a niche of a niche. My kids are dying to try a fat bike. I know specialized and garneau make fat bikes for kids which have local dealers here. I’d like to bring the whole family to these things!
Initially I thought the idea of kids fat bikes a bit silly- but the more our climate seems to change-it’s seems like a more reliable way to get kids outside in the winter than snowshoes/cross country skis. I’d rather support an LBS than get a cheapo dept store one…although they are tempting sometimes…

Sweetride had at least one kids fatty at the Mahone Bay event last year, that my son took out for a spin.

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Awesome thanks!

I usually see a 20” wheel bike at events like this