Kijiji Ad

Anyone lose a bike? This one smells fishy.

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Such a good idea posting this, :fish::fish::fish:

Maybe do a reverse image search as it doesn’t look like a recent picture.

I don’t know how to on my phone.

I sent the guy a message earlier asking for details — model, year, size etc. Got this back:

2020 it’s the 4500$ one I think the altitude a30

It’s an XL but I put the shorter stem and wider bars so it’s like a large now

Yup, little sketchy.


Same ad on FB

There’s also this one. Claims to have bought it new, says it’s a Rocky Mountain (actually appears to be a Scott Gambler) but doesn’t know the year or size. Says he can’t use it anymore because he broke his back, then claims he’s selling it for his cousin.


I don’t trust any ad where the dollar sign is in the wrong spot.


Could be a French thing though–they place the dollar sign after the number. And use a comma instead of a period for the decimal. Insanity.


I never though about that. My French skills are non-existent.

At least it’s pictured next to a nice woodpile!

Qu’est-ce que tu dit là?

Les francophones sont fou. :joy:

Apologies if I murdered a conjugation there.


Lol, esti calise! Tête carré!


Moi pied et soif


Your feet are thirsty?

Same buddy. Same.



This facebook ad makes it seem more legitimate.

Says he selling for a friend.

Looking at his sale history seems like he sells a lot of stuff, but not too dodgy.

What about this one it’s on fb marketplace

300 for a dh bike and is it just me or does it look like it’s setup as a reverse mullet

Yeah, I see that all the time.

Might be the angle and the front tire has been flat for a few years.

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