Kingdom Trails

Great article on how Vermont’s Kingdom Trails were developed and completely transformed the town. Gotta get my ass down there…maybe next year?

Who has been there? Is it worth the trip?

It certainly is a great example of MTB as a tourism destination. Hopefully, we can get some mini versions around here like Keppoch or the valley.

The East Burke scene makes a great argument for trail development.


No, no, the province and the municipalities should be spending money on things like convention centers and pulp mills to improve the economy…


some friends have been to Kingdom Trails a few times, they tell me it’s pretty great…

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I’ve been there during an epic mountain trip. Mont Ste-Anne (during world cup), Vallee du Bras du Nord, Coaticooke, Kingdom trails and Windham (during world cup). The Kingdom trails were fantastic.

What surprised me the most is from how far away people came from to be there.

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My brother, two sisters and my mother are spread across the country so we get together for a week each summer with our families in a different location. Somehow, with no influence from me, my mother found a place in East Burke last summer. (Mont Saint-Anne was chosen the previous year so I don’t expect to get lucky again this year.)

I rode every day and thought the trails were great. I had planned to get up for a very early ride the morning we were leaving, but I was too wiped. I still regret that as there were a number of trails I didn’t get to and many I would like to have ridden again.

Definitely worth a trip in my opinion. I’d like to go back some day.


My wife and I went there for our honeymoon. Awesome trails, well maintained and well built.

You do have to pay to ride though, something we aren’t used to around here for XC trails.