Kudos to Sportwheels

I am certain that most of the LBS around here deliver great service but just figured I’d give some thanks when its due. While riding Whopper a couple of weeks ago, I snapped my chain. We fixed it on the trail (well, my trail mechanic Spelham did)…and I was able to ride on out. Rather than get a new chain…I decided to ride it out for a bit. This morning at Spider, and pretty much as far away from the trailhead as possible, it snapped again. Thanks again to Pelham for his mechanic skills.

Anyhow…it was time to get a new chain. Covered in post-ride mud…I popped in to Sportwheels today since it’s right by the house to hopefully get a chain. 5 minutes later and just $40 or so…I had a new sram chain installed, adjusted, and I was out the door. Fantastic speedy service…very pleased.

On a sidenote…Spider/Skull was great this morning with the break in humidity and temps despite the mechanical. Started to rain just as we were coming out of there. Great timing

Im sure the other bike shops here are great, but you really can’t touch sportwheels customer service.

Another two tires up for the service at SW…

Took my bike in to have the shifting adjusted, expecting to have to pick it up tomorrow or Friday, but Chris did 'er on the spot, straightening a bent hanger and getting it to shift like buttah.
Best of all, Timmies paid the bill…

You guys are awesome!!

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