Laid back ride Saturday morning - Links?

Sorry you couldn’t make it, Sleeveless, we had a superfun ride! Thanks everyone.

Yeah… the brother got into a little car accident which messed up my pickup time from the city. He’s alright… could have been worse and all.

I’m really bummed out though… i’ve never really done any like MTB riding, and this sounded like a good opportunity to get started. I hope all went well @ Gore!

Anybody interested in joining me for a little spin Saturday morning (that’s August 8th for you number types)? I’m racing Gore solo on Sunday so this will be a VERY gentle ride but I’d love to have some company. Thinking the Links would be good, but open to suggestions. Meet at Kentville Tourist Bureau around 10, trailhead at 10:30? Whatcha think?

Damn job gets in the way of everything! LOL. I wish. I need to ride more.

Hack, hack… wheeze Aaron, you’re starting to sound a little H1N1-ey. I thing you should skip work this weekend and do some light exercise instead - that should fix you up.

I would love to join in :slight_smile:

Yay, glad you can make it, Taryn.

if i can make it to the valley on time, i will try to be there… we’re talkin 10AM, right??

10 if you want to meet us at the Tourist Bureau in Kentville, 10:30 at the trail head if you know where it is.

Don’t know where the trail head is. Should be in the valley by tomorrow, so I’ll meet you at the Bureau unless something goes drastically wrong.

Things have gone drastically wrong… will have to join next time i’m down.

Sorry you couldn’t make it, Sleeveless, we had a superfun ride! Thanks everyone.

We DID have a superfun ride! Thanks for gettin’ our ducks in a row, Sue!

Has anyone raked gravity line yet?

Not sure - we were doing a laid back ride so no Gravity for us!