Last chance for Grunter

Great ride today, we rode for about 2.5 hours and the company, the weather and the conditions were excellent. Heart Attack Hill was kinder than usual, the downhills were fast and flowy and nobody puked! Thanks everyone for coming out and making potentially the last ride a Grunter a really fun one.

We strolled up to see what the situation at Grunter is today and they are still working on the road so cutting hasn’t begun yet. We’ve decided to get as much riding in as we can before the axe falls so we’ll be hitting the trails 10 am this Sunday (August 1st) and we would like to invite everyone to come along.

Meet at the car pool parking lot in Ellershouse (exit 4 on the #101 highway, hang a left at the end of either exit ramp) at 10am sharp and we’ll drive to the trailhead from there.

Hope to see you then!

It’s funny but I was going to suggest that we all ride the Grunt sometime soon. I have not been lucky enough to ride it yet. I am working at the hospital that night but I will drag my tired ass out there.

Wicked, Tom. Look forward to seeing you.

Sorry to say it Sue but I can’t make it tomorrow. I have a 11:30 brunch with the family. I do want to ride the Grunter before it is gone though.

I would like to make it as well, but working and family commitments. Sometimes after next weekend I’d love to make it out if it’s possible!

Unfortunately I’m not sure that it will be there even after this weekend. If we do get another chance, I’ll let you know, though.