Last minute PEI trip

Hey Islanders.

Last minute decision to head over to PEI tomorrow afternoon to check out these trails I’ve been hearing rave reviews about. Planning to explore Bonshaw and Brookvale. I am aiming to make it to Bonshaw tomorrow (Sept 4th) by 5pm. Any tips for trails to focus on or how to link it together to maximize flow welcome. Will be there until Friday noon. Thanks in advance.


Get in touch with @murrdogg aka PEI Bike Guy, he’ll hook you up. He also does a Thursday night group ride every week.

Sent him an email. Will def try to link up with the Thursday night ride.

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Brookvale is welled mapped and signed as well as the direction to take is also on the map. you can ride it yourself without any problems.
I honestly would not ride bondshaw without a guide unless I had to.
lots of options/intersections and not a lot of signage.

I found Bonshaw well signed, and they even have maps posted at many/all of the trails and a paper map available at the upper parking lot. Mine was returned to the box for someone else to use. :slight_smile:

It seems like most of the trails are linked to the main trail so it’s easy to bomb through and pick and choose your singletrack. Fox Run is probably one of my faves, though a bit short. Ravine, Elliot’s River Run, and Switchback are all fun too. Choosing Parkside toward the end of my run was a mistake; the climbs punished me a bit at that point in the ride. Great fun!

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Both systems are on Trailforks and are accurate. But I would agree that Bonshaw would be easier to deal with with a guide…Bonshaw is better in my opinion if you start at the top here: Fox Run and Elliot River Run are super flow.

Brookvale is easy to navigate and well signed. On Trailforks the are organized in loops but on the ground different parts of the loops have names. One of the best spots in the Maritimes. I haven’t had the chance to get to the newest trails there but they sound awesome.

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