Last Minute Rides....Who's In?

I’d suggest Bowater…frozen lakes + awesome singletrack.

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You around for a ride?

Yes, free all afternoon tomorrow.

I’d love to join in if that’s alright, just having some car issues so not sure if I’ll make it out or not. What time were you guys heading to bowater?

@Drgonzo of course, the more the merrier. Not sure the time/place, waiting to hear back from @riderx

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2pm @ bowater

Looks like I won’t make it. Have fun!!

Testing out my newly studded Minions Saturday morning, probably at McDonald Sports Park in Waverly. I haven’t been riding much so it’s likely not going to be fast, but company is welcomed. Thinking 10:00am start from whatever parking lot is accessible.

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Heading to Nine Mile at 330 for a ride and branch lopping.

Heading to 9 mile river for a 12:30 start

Going to get a ride in before the rain comes- Nine Mile at 10:30-ish in case anyone wants to join me. Moderate pace, in and out to the lake.

Planning to get out for a ride on Saturday afternoon in Halifax area, possibly Spider Lake or Bowater Trails, assuming that everything has frozen overnight after this latest thaw. Keen to have company, or join in on other planned rides.

Bowater trails Sunday morning around 9:30am. I have only been once so it might be a little exploratory. :grin: Happy to have company though.

Hi Nine Mile, 4:30 today.

I will be heading to Nine Mile Wednesday (Feb6) for 7PM. If nobody replies, time might flex a bit. Not sure if studs will be needed but will likely be a good idea.

Super last minute- Flipside at 7:30.

Anyone up for a ride this evening. I’m thinking Whopper on to the lakes or Bowater.

Spider Lake today (Sunday) at noon. Me and Neil so far. No idea what conditions are like, probably icy. See what happens. :man_shrugging:t3:

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