Let's Try Again

Great ride today… thanx to the 9 other eager souls that came out.

Sorry I hadn’t mentioned for everyone to bring their floatation devices… http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/4ae6aa98aa63363c16ea74f927696bd9.gif

Also, thanx for helping to break in the new bridge.

Ok, the last ride of Cobequid Rd Trails was washed out so let’s see if we can do better this coming Sunday. I’m up for a morning ride but mob rules. We’ll post it for 10AM, subject to change…

Let me know if you need directions to the trailhead…

I’m interested. Have to check my schedule. Might be doing a road ride Sunday.

i should be good to go

I am hitting the road this Sunday, but would like to see all your hard work next week. When are you free next week?

Mike, this coming week is full except Friday… maybe we can get out then.

Pat… sweeeet! see you at 10.

Friday could work. Might have a couple of others as well.