LF Hitch Mount Rack (3+ bikes) or Roof Racks

Just checking to see if anyone has anything available before I go shopping for new.

Looking for a hitch mount rack or platform that can hold 3 bikes at least. Needs to be able to hold wider tires too if it’s a platform style. I have a 2" hitch receiver but I also have an adapter for the smaller size.

I’m also considering a roof rack for my Mazda 3 so I don’t have to travel with the bike inside if anyone has any direct mount roof crossbars cluttering up their basement/garage.

–edited to be say I’m looking for the roof crossbars.

I’ve got two roof rack bike carriers that I’m not using- changed vehicles and don’t have crossbars any more. They are the type that lets you keep the front wheel on. I can get you pics if you like. Both are in good shape, one is slightly newer than the other. They are the OEM VW style and fit slotted crossbars. Let me know if those are of interest.

Thanks, I might be interested. I should have been more specific though I’m looking for the crossbars first (for direct mounting to my car) to get started. However if I can get the crossbars I would then be looking for at least one carrier for my bike.