LF: Large Full Sus XC/AM for a friend

A friend of mine is looking for a used, full suspension XC/AM style bike (more XC oriented than AM). H’es a tall fella (6’ 2") so L or maybe XL size. The catch (as usual) is a limited budget- $800 to $1000. Anyone upgraded and have an older bike in the basement/garage that they want to move? We’ve seen a few things on Pinkbike that fit the bill but buying something sight unseen is definitely a gamble not to mention dealing with shipping.


Not sure how much effort you want to put into things, but there is an older Giant Reign frame size L (few parts inc.) on Kijiji right now. I don’t know the bike or the seller, but I have a Large from the next year and it fits me very well, I’m 6’3". You’d have to spend some more time piecing together but it is an option that you could see before you buy. Just thought I’d mention it, in case you missed it in your searching.

As a complete bike, that would be perfect- exactly what he’s looking for, but unfortunately I don’t think he wants to deal with having something built up. Thanks for pointing that out tho!