LF: Shimano Pad Axel (Y8JZ98010)

Anyone got one of these kicking around they would part with

I think a hope pin would work potentially.

If so, I have several.

You can also use the more basic Shimano cotter pin. Not as pretty, but functional.

I had one of those back out mid ride years ago because I forgot to put the clip on the end. I only realized when my brake pads fell out. My buddy found a random allen key in his pack that I bent into a clip, it rattled like hell but saved my ride.

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thanks, actually currently running a cotter in there now

thanks, let me see if they fit

Pretty much had the same thing happen, but I used a split key ring from a keychain that we bent enough to make it work. Left it in there for a week of riding in Golden with no issues.


I got one, thanks everyone