LF some random parts

Looking for some cheap parts for a bike frame I got today to haul the kids trailer.
I am in need of the following:

7 speed rear cassette
7 speed rear derailleur
mech. brake caliper
3 spd front derailleur

I think that’s it for now.

I have a couple of handlebars I’d like to get rid of. About 625mm in length, one is straight and the other has a slight rise.

I think I have the derailleurs, and cassette.
Will confirm tomorrow.

awesome, let me know how much you guys want for the parts.

I have the derailleurs.
Same price as last time.

sweet, I like that price

Do you only need one mechanical break caliper? I think I have a set you’re welcome to. I also will have a pair of hydro’s going very soon, very cheap.

I’m going to need two calipers and one disc. how much do you want for the mechanical set and Do you know how much you are going to sell the hydros for?

I have a lot of rotors… What size do you need? I have a Hayes 9 front hydro you can have also. (I think it still works)

160mm, I will make it out soon to take those of your hands, been pretty crazy busy lately

I have sort of a mis matched set of mech disc brakes here with rotars.You can have them fro free. Tell me next ride you’ll be on.

Maybe a rendevous at the Cobequid Rd. Trail? Ryan’s due for a ride… lol

I can bring those bars too.

I would love to, but I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow. I am off all next week if you are around any afternoon for a ride.

I will make my rounds next week and pick up the spare parts.

No prob ryan, just let me know. As far as I am concerned the bars are yours.

I am also in need of some 8 speed shifters if anyone has any to sell?